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Two different paths, with different training in the sector they develop today, the two designers responsible for the firm always found a way to connect with their passion, and the truth is that their lives developed in an environment in which sewing, crafts and plastic arts in general took shape daily, so that from a very young age they discovered their interest in the world of fashion, the catwalk and design. 

Thus, having the fashion sector always present in their lives in one way or another, the creative directors of the brand decide to launch it in 2017, betting on a firm that seeks to create attitude with its creations.

In accordance with the firm's philosophy, with significant dedication to women's garments, the inspiration comes from the woman herself, either through female characters who have marked a before and after in history, or fictitious figures, who have reached our days in any form of art, since they ultimately encompass attributes, capacities and qualities of real women contemporary to the time of their creation. This is how Diazar Atelier winks in praise of whom our product is ultimately aimed at, trying to make the most of the natural beauty of women, so that wearing a Diazar they feel a portentous attitude charged with the energy of those characters in those who are inspired.