www.diazar.es is a website where all interested customers, of legal age, and with legal capacity, can acquire the latest trends in fashion through the products made by Jonathan Díaz, the creative director of the firm DIAZAR ATELIER .



These general conditions will be applicable to purchases of products and/or services made through the website www.diazar.es. 

They have been prepared in accordance with the provisions of Law 3/2014, of March 27, which modified the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws, Law 34/2002, of Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce and Law 7/1998 on General Contracting Conditions, and any applicable regional or state legal provisions. 

Below is the contractual document that will regulate the contracting of the products and services acquired on the website www.diazar.es, whose property belongs to Diazar Creativos, SL, with CIF B-76752526, with registered office at C/ José López , 23, CP 38700 - Santa Cruz de La Palma (hereinafter, the SELLER) 

Access to this website, and the use of the purchase platform, implies acceptance of this agreement by the user. Likewise, access, as well as any use made of the content on the website www.diazar.es is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the user, without the firm Diazar Atelier, nor its representatives, being liable for said use. r.es is a website where any interested client, of legal age, can purchase the latest trends in fashion through the products made by Jonathan Díaz, the creative director of the DIAZAR ATELIER firm.

The acceptance of this document implies that the acquirer states: 

a. That is a person with sufficient capacity to contract, counting on being of legal age. 

b. That you have read, understand and understand the contracting conditions detailed here. 

c. That you accept the obligations set forth herein. 

The SELLER reserves the right to unilaterally modify these conditions, without affecting the acquisition of goods and/or services made prior to the modification. 

The contents reflected on the website www.diazar.es belong to Diazar Atelier - Diazar Creativos, S.L.

DIAZAR ATELIER (Diazar Creativos, SL) reserves the intellectual property rights of the Web regarding those elements that make up the visual appearance, graphic image and other sensory stimuli, as well as the software, technology, know-how, trademarks, distinctive signs and logos. All these elements belong to Diazar Creativos, S.L., either because it has the intellectual property of said content, or as a concessionaire of this content, with the pertinent authorization of the third parties to whom the intellectual property belongs. 

All these contents are protected under the Intellectual Property Law, in articles 8 and 32.1, second paragraph, by virtue of which reproduction, distribution and public communication are expressly prohibited, including the method of making them available. , of all or part of the contents of this website for commercial purposes, in any medium and by any technical means, without the prior authorization of Diazar Atelier of all the audiovisual content of this website (including, among other components, images, sound, audio, video, etc.).

DIAZAR ATELIER (Diazar Creativos, S.L.) reserves the right to exercise the corresponding legal actions against users who violate or infringe intellectual and industrial property rights, including compensation for damages caused. Likewise, the user undertakes to indemnify DIAZAR ATELIER (Diazar Creativos, S.L.) for any damage or loss that may be caused by improper use of this website. 


On the one hand, the SELLER, DIAZAR CREATIVOS, S.L., with CIF B-76752526, with registered office at C/José López, 23, 38700 - Santa Cruz de La Palma. 

And on the other, the USER/CLIENT, in the case of any natural or legal person with sufficient legal capacity to contract the product, being responsible for the veracity of all the data and statements provided to the SELLER. 


The purpose of this contractual agreement is to regulate the contractual conditions of sale between the SELLER and the USER/CLIENT at the time the latter accepts the products offered during the online contracting process. 

The purchase of the products offered on the website www.diazar.es entails the delivery by the SELLER, forcing the USER/CLIENT to pay the price of the product publicly displayed through the aforementioned website, and to make use of it. in accordance with the law and these conditions. 


The USER/CLIENT must, in order to purchase a product during their order, provide and complete the mandatory fields indicated by the SELLER. 

1.- The USER/CLIENT may choose items from a series of Seller products and collect them in the "Shopping Basket" selecting them with a click. By confirming a purchase order, the USER/CLIENT makes a binding offer to purchase the products that are in their Shopping Cart. 

2.-Before placing the Order, the USER/CLIENT may view and modify their Order at any time by clicking on the button. 

3.-After the USER/CLIENT submits their Order, an acknowledgment of receipt will be automatically sent by email as acceptance of the order, which will contain the Order data, the General Terms and Conditions, the shipping confirmation and the order confirmation , in compliance with the regulations regarding Consumers and Users. 

4.- The USER/CLIENT agrees to receive an electronic invoice relating to their order, sent via the email address provided.


From the online store, the USER/CLIENT can choose between the different payment methods, whether by PayPal, credit card or bank transfer. 

To carry out the delivery of the purchased products, DIAZAR ATELIER has various parcel companies selected according to the delivery destination, which will be made at the address designated by the USER/CLIENT, the SELLER not assuming any responsibility when the product is delivered is not carried out as a result of the data provided by the USER/CLIENT being false, inaccurate or incomplete or when the delivery cannot be made for reasons beyond the control of the shipping company, such as the absence of the recipient. 

The Seller will inform the USER/CLIENT of the delivery time, when appropriate, during the order processing and the shipment confirmation. 

The USER/CLIENT may request information on the status of their order via email info@diazar.es 

If the Seller is unable to meet the binding delivery deadline for reasons beyond its control (unavailability of products, for example, due to non-delivery by the Seller's own supplier or due to force majeure), it will notify the USER/CLIENT without delay and will specify, where appropriate, the new date scheduled for delivery. If the new delivery time is not acceptable to the USER/CLIENT, the products are not available either in the new delivery time, or are not available at all, each of the parties shall have the right to terminate the contract regarding the products. affected; in this case, the Seller will reimburse the USER/CLIENT for the payments already made. The rights of the parties provided for in the law will not be affected.


The price of the products offered on the website www.diazar.es are indicated in euros (€), including the Value Added Tax that, if applicable, is applicable. 

The Seller will communicate to the USER/CLIENT in the order form, where appropriate, the amount of the shipping costs as well as any other additional costs. 

The USER/CLIENT will bear the shipping costs and the additional costs communicated. Likewise, any tax at customs rate will be borne by the USER/CLIENT, being able to contact directly the nearest Customs offices for more information. 


Any payment made to the SELLER will entail the issuance of an electronic invoice in the name of the USER/CLIENT, which may be REQUESTED in .pdf file format by email at info@diazar.es. 


The USER/CLIENT of www.diazar.es undertakes at all times to provide truthful information on the data requested in the USER/CLIENT forms or when placing the order. 

The USER/CLIENT undertakes to accept all the provisions and conditions contained in these General Contract Conditions, understanding that they include the best possible service will for the type of activity carried out by www.diazar.es 

The USER/CLIENT undertakes to enable the delivery of the requested order by providing a delivery address where it can be delivered within the usual hours of delivery of goods. In the event of non-compliance by the USER/CLIENT with this obligation, www.diazar.es will have no responsibility for the delay or impossibility of delivery of the order requested by the USER/CLIENT. 

Upon receipt of the requested shipment by the transport company, its correct condition must be verified. In case of detecting any anomaly, the package is damaged, or there are clear signs that it has been opened, it is recommended to file a claim with the transport company in question, and send a copy to info@diazar.es.


DIAZAR ATELIER (Diazar Creativos, S.L.) manufactures each of its products to measure upon prior request, allowing its customers the possibility of adapting the garments to their tastes and needs as much as possible. That is why the firm does not have stock of the products offered, being garments that are made on each occasion, with a reasonable production period for them. 

For the reasons stated, Diazar Atelier (Diazar Creativos, S.L.) does not make returns or exchanges of the products purchased. 

In case of disagreement with the purchased product, the USER/CLIENT has the email address info@diazar.es at his disposal, where he can state his case. The firm will try to resolve any situation to the extent of the existing possibilities.